Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Make up for ever aqua eyes OL

this is a review! or rather a comparison. in my lifetime i've used many many MANY black eyeliners, from drugstore to higher ends. but this product is probably one of my favorite. *disclaimer* i don't even remember if i hated or liked drugstore products! its been so long since i've even used them. but anyway back to the subject. i LOVE this make up for ever black eyeliner. it stays on my tight line ALL DAY and ofcourse on my lids too. i tried it on my water line and it was pretty good. smudging after a couple of hours but nothing serious or dramatic. i would really really recommend this eyeliner pencil if you need a good black liner. i know a lot of people like the urban decay pencils but OMG the black ones made me look like a raccoon. on my lids and on my water lines they smudge like there is no tomorrow. i probably won't repurchase them even those i think they look so cute LOL. anyway that is a mini review. thanks =)

all products were purchased by me. they are all my honest opinion and i am definitely not getting paid!

xoxo, melanie


  1. Wow, that sounds Great Melanie! I want to try the liner one day but I still have 3 pots of eyeliner (not to mention eyeliner pencils) I need to use up. ~sigh~ Im sure Ill be curious and just purchase it on a whim. Thanks for the mini review!

  2. girl! i am just like you lol i have so many black liners but this one just keeps popping out at me =D