Sunday, June 6, 2010

dermal royal jelly collagen essence mask


so last night i tried my first korean face mask ever! i picked this royal jelly face mask because it promised nutrition, moisturizing, and refining to my skin. on the back it said that "royal jelly extracts and various mineral ingredients makes your skin relax, clear and moistened. includes vitamin E and Collagen which keeps you tired skin always healthy and elastic". after reading that i was like "yeah, right..." LOL

okay so what i did was wash my face, then put on a toner. i took the mask out of the package and fit it to my face contours. it took awhile to get to a comfortable fit because the mask was a little too big for my face. i will insert a picture here LOL i look like a serial killer or something >.<
LOL okay so lets talk about the mask. i was very surprised by how wet the mask was. but i guess that is a good thing because it has a lot of the product soaked in. the mask smelled very nice, kinda flowery smell. but if you don't like that kind of stuff then you are going to hate this mask because you would be smelling it for 15-20 LOL. it took a while for the mask to dry out so i left it on for about half an hour. the instructions said that you do not need to rinse your face after using this product so i didn't. i just used a napkin to pat off the excess product and then put on eye cream and that was it.
after all the product sinked into my skin my face felt very very "firm" almost tight kind of feeling. i was a lil worried because i thought it dried out my face somehow but i wanted to see how this mask truly worked so i didn't put any lotion on my face. i just went to bed with the product from the mask and some eye cream.
in the morning, after i washed my face, i couldn't believe my eyes! my face truly looked so much more vibrant and bright! ( my skin has been really dull lately because of stress from life) i was very pleasantly surprised. im not sure that my face was any firmer (because i am only 20 years old so i still had firm skin in the first place). i didn't see any refining of the pores but definitely saw the brightening effects. the strange thing is that my acne seemed to have gone down quite a bit! i am in love =D
overall i am already loving this product! i have 5 more face mask to go and then i am so going back to the store to get every single kind they have =D
ohh i checked ebay and and they are actually more expensive than the one at the store so i don't think im going to be ordering these babies online anytime soon.
okay so that is everything that i wanted to say. overall, i love this product and would definitely recommend.

xoxo, melanie =)

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