Saturday, June 5, 2010

korean face masks!

so recently i was complaining to my boyfriend about how i can never get those cool face masks i see everyone using and how good they are and blah blah blah and how jealous i was. LOL today he and i took his sister's boyfriend to the dentist and on our free time we wandered into this korean looking store. and what did we find???? KOREAN FACE MASKS! it was 6 for 5 dollars so ofcourse i got 6! im really excited to try it out and i will definitely let you know how it goes.


i bought:

-yellow orcher collagen essence mask: for soothing, brightening, and moisturizing
-royal jelly collagen essence mask: for nutrition, moisturizing, and refining
-coenzyme Q10 essence mask: for firming, moisturizing, brightening
-collagen essense mask: for firming, moisturizing, and mild (lol w/e that means)
-white collagen essence mask: for brightening, moisturizing, and firming
-charcoal collagen essence mask: for refining, health, soothing.

i am so excited to try these! oo they brand is DERMAL. i hope they work out but if they do then i have to drive all the way to IRVINE to get it lol. or i can try ebay but ehh... i really don't like using ebay

anyway, xoxo melanie =)

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  1. Hey Melanie! Cool haul! I'm a semi mask addict myself-its so refreshing in the summer when you pop one into the fridge and slap it onto your face! If you cant find face masks in your area, you can always purchase them online at sites like sasa or gmarket (although I've never ordered from gmarket yet because its so confusing). Cant wait to hear how you liked them!