Friday, March 19, 2010

make up haul!

hellooo everyone! so i haven't blog for awhile (>.<) i know i know i should be blogging more but some times i just don't have time =/ i've been sick this past week which normally i wouldn't complain about because that means i get to stay home from school and sleep. but now that i got a job missing 2 days of work = missing out on 180 ='( its just horrible. oh wells on to the haul. today i went shopping (again) lol and i bought some stuff. and i will include pictures.... now!

first picture is dolce and cabana 'light blue' omg i am in love with this fragrance! it is so light and refreshing and sexy! loveee

second picture is of the benefit's legally bronze kit available at sephora. it includes bad gal in brown, high beam, hoola bronzer, and guilded eye pencil. everything for just 35 bucks. this kit is a steal! i highly recommend this to everyone who loves benefit cosmetics or those of you that want to try benefit cosmetics.

last picture are of my purchases at macy's. i bought the urban decay primer potion. omg i can't live without this thing. i tried others (and i will do a review) but i hare them! this is truly the best. next to it is up the amp lipstick from mac. then 4 eyeshadow from mac in 'blanc type', 'twinks' 'embark' and 'mythology'. then it is the blush in melba. and last but not least the mac brush number 224! i love this brush.

oo so here is how i look today =)

and here is how my make up table looks like today =D

anyway that is all for now. thank you for stopping by
xoxo melanie

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wasting... and recycling!

hey everyone! i hope everything is good. im okay. got one big test coming up >.< but anyway i don't want to talk about it cuz its gonna stress me out lol. anyway. so in my last post i mentioned a lot of things. like how i don't use my drugstore products. so im thinking that im going to be giving them away. now keep in mind these products have been either swatched or used once or twice. they are not brand new. but i don't see the point of keeping them if i know im not going to be using them. they need a better home. so i guess soon im going to either do a youtube video or do a blog post with the items im giving away. but if i do u have to either be a subby or a follwer (duh) lol its also a ploy to get some viewers haha. shameless. anyway yeah that's that.

xoxo melanie

Monday, March 8, 2010


hello everyone! so i went shopping the other day at macys. i found myself browsing through the many make up counters. most of the time i would just browse and when i notice that a sales person is trying to help me i would get annoyed because i would like to browse in peace. but that day i welcomed the help. lol i think it is because i actually wanted their opinion on things and was intending to buy items. they were actually very helpful... well the one at the clarins counter anyway. the lady didn't pressure me to buy things only suggested things that i asked for and gave really good advice. well i think it was her sales tactics because it worked.i ended up spending about 100 dollars at that counter. and it might sound a lot but i got so many samples from her that i didn't even ask for. the service was amazing. now when i walked to the lancome counter it was a different experience. the sales lady was very pushy. i wanted to browse around in peace but i guess she needed to meet her sales goal because she was extremely pushy about buying things. i ended up spending around 50 dollars there because lol i wanted to buy makeup. >.< anyway this first paragraph is totally going nowhere so i will go to what i wanted to say.

is it just me or does high end make up just seem way better? like i know the saying "you get what you pay for" but it only seems to be for some people. honestly i never really liked drugstore make up. it seemed to never really worked for me. when i was in highschool i did use drugstore foundations and it never worked out. i never got the right shade. also quality didn't seem to be that great either. i bought drugstore eyeshadows before and they all seem to be in the trash after about a month. again quality just wasn't that good. lol it seems funny to say but in highschool i generally never really wore make up because i didn't want to use drugstore make up and didn't have the money to buy high end products.

now that i have a great job i notice myself buying a lot of high priced products. i love the experience of buying high end products. the sales people give you lots of help and it is just a better experienced. i noticed lately that in my make up collection there is only a few drugstore products. i felt a lil bad because i felt like i was discriminating. but honestly it is because drug store product just isn't up to par with their high end counterparts. and i also noticed taht when i do buy drugstore products it is actually a waste of money for me. like for an instance. drugstore lipsticks. i wasn't into them until i heard so many good reviews about them on youtube. ofcourse i ran out and bought a few. now they all sit in a drawer. i used most of them like 3 times. why? because the product just isn't great. sure the color is pretty but on the lips it feels so dry and cheap. i rather use my mac or shiseido lipstick (which costs me 25 bucks). why? because they are pigmented, moisturizing, and just feels so dam luxurious on my lips.

anyway i think im going to end it here. does anyone else out there feel the same as i do? or am i just spoiled by the high priced experience?

xoxo melanie

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NEW PHONE!!! no more crappy @ss tmobile!

hello everyone! im so excited to say that i finally got a new phone.. and a new network! ok so i had tmobile since i was in 9th grade. it was okay back then because i didn't really text and all i wanted was a phone (to be "cool") lol. last year after a certain earth quake in California tmobile networks started going crazy. my phone started having no service. throughout the year the service started getting worst and worst. at times i wouldn't be able to text for hours and sometimes a whole day! and then i wouldn't be able to make calls. i mean wtf? why am i paying extra money a month even though i can't text or go on internet?? then tmobile lost all my data. yes i have a sidekick and there was a glitch with the tmobile satelite or w/e but all my data was lost. it wasn't just me it was almost(all) sidekick users. for over a month i had barely any contacts in my phone at all. i called to complain and they said that they are working on it and on the mean time they are giving us a month free of internet and data. well you better give it to me free! they are just basically refunding us the money we had to pay for the money taht we had no internet or service! i got really fed up with tmobile. they did no compensate me or the trouble i went through and i just got really tired of their service. so finally switched phone network and got a new phone. i am the proud owner of a Samsung Moment now =D i love this phone! internet is wayyyy faster than it is on the sidekick. and it was way better features. i am just so glad to be away from tmobile and its craptastic services. heres a picture of my new phone =D

so anyway now that i have a new phone i want a case for it. i just ordered case on ebay for like 10 bucks. its juicy couture theme... and if you know me i love juicy couture. i love all things girly. i havea juicy bag, juicy sunglasses and now juicy phone case. but i stumbled upon this website while on youtube and now i really really want this one =D the website is called the phone cases looks so luxurious and awesome. but 80 bucks for a phone case??? that's almost how much my new phone costs lol. but i really want it. and though im not getting it now i know im gonna get it eventually lol but heres how it looks like... sooo beautiful! i can't copy the image so click HERE to see it

anyway lol byee


hello everyone! so i am sitting in the car waiting for my next class to start. which will be 2 hours from now. it gets boring so here i am bloggign =) but it came to me that i realized that we do a lot of waiting in our lifetime. what does that waiting do for us? does anything good comes from waiting? yes and no i guess but it seems to me that we are wasting a lot of time waiting for things. instead of sitting in the car waiting for my class i could be somewhere doing something else. like reading or eating or even shopping (lol) but seriously. why do we wait so much??? what good really comes out of it? im a really impatience. i hate waiting. especially waiting for people. i feel like im wasting my time. but i always think that something good is going to come out of it. sometimes it does most of the time it doesnt. anyway enough rambling... i should really start blogging about beauty things since beauty is my main topic. lol okay everyone bye