Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wasting... and recycling!

hey everyone! i hope everything is good. im okay. got one big test coming up >.< but anyway i don't want to talk about it cuz its gonna stress me out lol. anyway. so in my last post i mentioned a lot of things. like how i don't use my drugstore products. so im thinking that im going to be giving them away. now keep in mind these products have been either swatched or used once or twice. they are not brand new. but i don't see the point of keeping them if i know im not going to be using them. they need a better home. so i guess soon im going to either do a youtube video or do a blog post with the items im giving away. but if i do u have to either be a subby or a follwer (duh) lol its also a ploy to get some viewers haha. shameless. anyway yeah that's that.

xoxo melanie

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