Wednesday, March 3, 2010


hello everyone! so i am sitting in the car waiting for my next class to start. which will be 2 hours from now. it gets boring so here i am bloggign =) but it came to me that i realized that we do a lot of waiting in our lifetime. what does that waiting do for us? does anything good comes from waiting? yes and no i guess but it seems to me that we are wasting a lot of time waiting for things. instead of sitting in the car waiting for my class i could be somewhere doing something else. like reading or eating or even shopping (lol) but seriously. why do we wait so much??? what good really comes out of it? im a really impatience. i hate waiting. especially waiting for people. i feel like im wasting my time. but i always think that something good is going to come out of it. sometimes it does most of the time it doesnt. anyway enough rambling... i should really start blogging about beauty things since beauty is my main topic. lol okay everyone bye

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