Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Annoying/ inconsiderate people!!!!

okay so i have something that i just need to rant about!!! i live in CA that means there are a lot of asians and you know how people always yell out "ASIAN DRIVER!!!!" I totally agree with them! yes i am asian but omg! some people out there just cannot drive. i think people just say asian drivers because where i live there are a lot of asians so therefore there are more of them that are bad drivers. but when i drive on different part of the city i see all kinds of bad drivers. and im pretty much sick of all of them! how on earth did they manage to get their drivers liscense when they can't drive for sh*t????? i do a good job parking (in the lines with spaces in between the cars) so that the other cars wouldn't have a problem pulling in or out of their spaces. then some asshole parks right next to me leaving no room!!!! and then when they open their door they have to be careful because im sitting in my car staring daggers at them and they know if they hit my car then they have a storm of cuss words coming for them. its just so annoying how bad people drive!!! and then today i am sitting in my car at school waiting for my next class when someone walks by and totally slams into my car's side mirrors then says "oops" like bullshit if i did it to their car they wouldn't say "oops" they would be pissed off. and honestly i am pissed off as hell!!! why can't they just walk another way when they see that there is no room between the car for their fatasses to go through???? so dam annoying! and there isn't even a small space between my car and the next so that they have to squeeze through! some people are just so stupid. urgh. i hate driving now because of all the sh*tty drivers driving me crazy. i think i will end my rant here before i ramble on too much(lol) byeee

Saturday, February 20, 2010


HELLOOOO EVERYONE!!!! so i've decided to start blogging again. I had a blog but deleted it awhile back because i felt like i wasn't updating and didn't want to keep it if i had no intention of blogging (i think that was a run-on sentence). anyway so i am back to blogging. I have a few things to catch up on. When i first started blogging it was fun and i was regular at it but as time went by i just felt bored. but now that i feel like i need a place to express what i am feeling and sharing my beauty advise i started up my blog again.
I know some of you people out there are annoyed that i don't use proper punctuation and all that stuff but seriously??? its a blog lol. its my escape from school and work and family so honestly im going to write how i want to write and say things i want to say.
anywayssss i'm happy to have a blog again and you can expect product raves/reviews/hate and all things in between. hopefully this time i will be more regular with my posts but im thinking that i will only blog once a week since i basically have no time for anything anymore. I go to school 3 days a week then work 2 days a week (9 hrs a day) and then the weekend is the only time i have "relax"
I'm not sure when i will start doing looks of the day because my skin has been acting up like crazy and i'm breaking out worst than i ever have. Sucks because i've been doing make up looks that i think people can approve of (lol) (not that i care if people approve or not). anyway this blog has been me just rambling on and on so i will stop here. The main point of this blog entry is to tell you guys out there that i am back to blogging. have a nice day/week/month. <3 melanie