Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NEW PHONE!!! no more crappy @ss tmobile!

hello everyone! im so excited to say that i finally got a new phone.. and a new network! ok so i had tmobile since i was in 9th grade. it was okay back then because i didn't really text and all i wanted was a phone (to be "cool") lol. last year after a certain earth quake in California tmobile networks started going crazy. my phone started having no service. throughout the year the service started getting worst and worst. at times i wouldn't be able to text for hours and sometimes a whole day! and then i wouldn't be able to make calls. i mean wtf? why am i paying extra money a month even though i can't text or go on internet?? then tmobile lost all my data. yes i have a sidekick and there was a glitch with the tmobile satelite or w/e but all my data was lost. it wasn't just me it was almost(all) sidekick users. for over a month i had barely any contacts in my phone at all. i called to complain and they said that they are working on it and on the mean time they are giving us a month free of internet and data. well you better give it to me free! they are just basically refunding us the money we had to pay for the money taht we had no internet or service! i got really fed up with tmobile. they did no compensate me or the trouble i went through and i just got really tired of their service. so finally switched phone network and got a new phone. i am the proud owner of a Samsung Moment now =D i love this phone! internet is wayyyy faster than it is on the sidekick. and it was way better features. i am just so glad to be away from tmobile and its craptastic services. heres a picture of my new phone =D

so anyway now that i have a new phone i want a case for it. i just ordered case on ebay for like 10 bucks. its juicy couture theme... and if you know me i love juicy couture. i love all things girly. i havea juicy bag, juicy sunglasses and now juicy phone case. but i stumbled upon this website while on youtube and now i really really want this one =D the website is called the phone cases looks so luxurious and awesome. but 80 bucks for a phone case??? that's almost how much my new phone costs lol. but i really want it. and though im not getting it now i know im gonna get it eventually lol but heres how it looks like... sooo beautiful! i can't copy the image so click HERE to see it

anyway lol byee

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