Friday, April 23, 2010

recent buys!

hello. so i was going to do a things i am wanting at the moment post but i can't actually think of anything that i really want! lol so i am going to do a post about things i bought recently =D

this is the rare earth mask from kiehls. i waited over a month for this mask because it was SOLD OUT company wide! i had a couple samples of this mask and it is just amazing! i really really like this mask. a little goes a long way. a jar is 5 oz for i think 23 dollars. it will last you a really long time because the formula is really thin therefore u a little goes a long way.

my new favorite mattifying product! i tried it a couple of times and it really works. if used in conjunction with a primer it will keep your make up on all day and keep you less oily for a longer period of time. at first i thought it would just be like the matte cream from mac but this is so much better! love it

new favorite lip product! my lips have been incredibly dry for some weird reason even though i've been drinking lots and lots of water. normally i would use aquafina chap stick and it would be enough. but it wasn't working so i bought this. this product is really really awesome. its 9 bucks for a tube and it comes in different flavor! mine is coconut and it smells divine. and it also works wonderfully. love it!

another laura mercier product. except this one i am not 100% about. might actually return it actually. its just like any concealor except it feels really really drying. the coverage is good but its too drying for me. i think i just got a dud. maybe i'll just go exchange it. =)

this lipstick is eh. the color is too dark for me. btw the color is 'caramel' it is very creamy and smooth but the color isn't for me. i think i might just go exchange it for some color that i actually like. lol

so anyway that's all for now. if you want to see me ( =D ) then you can go on my youtube. hehe
xoxo melanie


  1. Melanie!! You're back! Yay! Love your list! I was eying either the LM concealer or the Bobbi brown one but when I was at the BB counter, they were insanely busy so I didnt get to try it out. Maybe next time. the Laura Mercier matte thingy sounds awesome! Is the consistency similar to the Smashbox primer with silicones? Silicone is my friend when it comes to summertime. Im like an oil ball. lol. Girl, you have great makeup choices! Blog more often if you can. It really takes the stress away from everyday life! Ttys! <3 Janice

  2. im gonna reply to you here but idk if you'll see it so i'll reply again on your page =D

    first off thanks for stopping by! <3 it means a lot hehe yeah blogging does take the stress off a bit. yes the mattifying thing from lm is definitely silicony. feels a lot like smashbox except this isn't a primer it is just suppose to mattify. lol so if u want your makeup to stay on all day and stay matte then use this and then a primer over. sounds like a lot to do but trust me it is amazing! my face is super oily and this combination makes my face look soooo good and dewy (not oily)