Friday, April 23, 2010

hello =)

hello everyone! so i haven't blogged in over a month.. i just haven't been in the writing mood. school has been hectic. i really really am stressed out because of school and work. i work at a place where theres not much to do but pretend to work. it really depresses me because im the type of person that rather have lots of work to do than do nothing and be bored. i know i am still getting paid but i feel like im cheating someone when i have nothing to do =/. also because i work in a doctor's office there are many types of people that come in and out of the office. some patients are just really really "urghal;ksdjflksd" and other are really really nice. but overall im really really tired of my job.
also, another reason that i am really stressed is because of school. my first year of community college i went to this counselor and he told me a list of classes that i have to take to be able to transfer. today i went to another counselor and he told me that i've been taking classes that does not apply to my major at all. so i am stuck at my college for about another 3 years. fml. but he said that i will have time to raise my gpa and get into a really good school (ucla). that is my goal for now. im really stressed because i was hoping to be able to transfer next year. but i am a strong person and i will move on from this.
but overall i've just been emotionally and physically drained. i think it might have something to do with my birth control pill. i recently changed pill and i've been really really emotional and i've been breaking out like crazy. everything just adds to my insanity =/ but anyway... the only really good news lately is my grades. =) my boyfriend says that i am a naturally good writer but i never believed him. but i am starting to. because i spend 1 hour on a paper and i get an A in it. and without trying too. lol. this makes me happy. anyway... i think i will do some make up talk now. hehe i think i am going to copy swtest2lips and do a things i am lemming at the moment =) hehe i hope its okay with you!

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