Wednesday, July 28, 2010


its another haul picture y'all! =D i know, i haven't blogged about much except for make up shopping lately but hey, i work, i get to buy things =D here is a picture.
hehe i absolutely love LOVE YSL make up and the mascara (faux cils) is my absolute favorite. like OMG AMAZINGNESS AWESOME MUST HAVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER kinda thing. but yeahhh i love everything that i got and it makes me happy because i'm not wasting my money on useless makeup. all my make up gets love =D anywayyy thanks for stopping by.

xoxo, melanie

ps: that pink thing in the front is my pepper spray! i recommend it to every girl out there because you know, we need protection! i bought it at rite aid for 10 bucks. absolutely love it. i feel safer now =)

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